For The Grown-Ups - **CANCELLED*
Thursday 7 May, 5.30–8pm
$10 for both sessions
Subiaco Arts Centre

Don’t miss our Professional Development sessions for teachers , librarians, parents and creative professionals: two discussions that explore the best ways to inspire young learners and consider how creativity can shape their future. Featuring lauded UK author Christopher Lloyd, this is an evening of insights and ‘lightbulb moments’ not to be missed.
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The Five Wows with Christopher Lloyd

Christopher Lloyd argues most of the jobs young people will eventually occupy have not yet been invented. Therefore changing the primary objective in education systems from testing to lifelong learning is vital on three levels: personal fulfillment, social cohesion and economical welfare. In the future economy, adaptability will be king, not a workforce trained in specific skills for jobs that are likely to become outdated. Key to this shift is to understand what makes learning joyful. What processes trigger a natural release of dopamine that creates self-motivation and a love of learning?

Christopher has a series of FIVE narratives–he calls them THE FIVE WOWS! since the verbal expression WOW! is a universal signal that a shot of joy in the brain has been released. These FIVE WOWS delve deep into the evolutionary psychology of the brain, each one responsible for unlocking a love of learning. His talk shows how each of these narratives can not only be used to help transform learning in the classroom but are also the key to creating a vibrant self-learning culture for business corporations.


Jobs for life are long gone. Tomorrow’s workforce will have opportunities to explore multiple professions in their lifetime, and creativity will be their compass. According to The World Economic Forum’s 2016 Future of Jobs report, one of the top three skills workers will require by 2020 is creativity. This very human ability can lead to independent thinking, increased problem solving skills, flexibility, and persistence, while creative risk taking and experimentation build confidence.

Join us for a panel discussion with creative professionals, Beci Orpin, Mick Elliott, Matt Cosgrove, and Kwame Alexander who have each mastered the art of transition in their careers. From writers to designers to film producers and more, they offer their insights and experience of constant re-invention, adaptability, and how creativity can fuel future careers.

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