An immersive exhibition by LEGO Masters Series 2 Winners

Jackson Harvey & Alex Towler

26 FebRuary - 30 may 2021

General Hours
26 February – 30 May | 9.00AM-3.00PM
FREE to the public, no booking required

The year is 2530. Humans have long since left planet Earth. After mistreating the natural environment for centuries, they were forced to seek a new home beyond the stars. What remains is little more than an abandoned pile of decaying infrastructure, appliances, and a scattered population of LEGO minifigs.

No one knows when the LEGO minifigs rose from the debris to inherit the planet. Perhaps the meticulous manufacturing methods of their Danish creators gifted them a durability to last through the ages. Or, it may very well have been written in their destiny, with their adaptive nature and remarkable construction knowledge setting the minifigs on the inevitable path to rebuilding a world left in ruins.

What is known, is that after seeking shelter in the wreckage of Earth, hundreds of thousands of tiny civilizations sprung up amongst the relics of humankind, each one evolving to adapt to their chosen home. Over time these miniature civilisations developed independently of one another, forming language and culture within their respective worlds, completely unaware of an existence outside of their own. Today, we bear witness to these diverse nations coming together in the space between, as they venture forth to explore the new world around them.

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RELICS: Bricks of the New World.
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Want to learn from Jackson and Alex what it takes to bring an exhibition like RELICS to life? Our video hub is home to a behind the scenes look into the creative process and is a great resources for teachers or anyone who would just like to learn more about creativity.

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