Scribblers Festival was dreamed up as part of FORM’s Creative Learning Program. Developed with the input of internationally recognised creativity expert Paul Collard, CEO of Creativity and Culture in Education (CCE), the Creative Learning Program seeks to work with children and young adults in equipping them with the skills and confidence to approach the challenges of a changing world with lateral thinking ability, creativity, and resilience.

Children and young people truly learn and develop their academic, social and personal skills when they are engaged; when they participate in the making of their own learning; when they make discoveries; and when they have access to opportunities to connect to the world in deep and profound ways.
Everyone's future lies in the hands of developing generations, and in how young people navigate the challenges and opportunities of an increasingly technical and arguably less human-centred world. It is important to steer society's expectations away from traditional pathways to employment (which may have worked in the past) in order to embrace a more holistic and creative approach to our children's future.

Creativity is a vital tool in this way of learning. After undertaking research, working with experts in the field, and hosting leaders in creative education from around the world, it is evident that the key is not to teach children about creativity, but rather to use creativity to teach.
As individual members of a neighbourhood or community come together to share an enjoyable experience, they develop a sense of culture, unity and identity. Through this shared purpose, the community itself begins to grow stronger roots. Creativity has been proven to be a powerful catalyst in community building; and community cohesion helps to establish strength and resilience in uncertain times. A dedicated two-year pilot program will be undertaken with primary schools under the steerage of Paul Collard and FORM, to trial the impact of the Creative Learning Program. Pilot schools will be monitored for improvements across areas of literacy, numeracy, attendance, social cohesion, student motivation, and anxiety. With focused resources in workshop delivery, arts activation, events planning, and community engagement, plus an evidence-based argument for creativity’s potential to help communities thrive, Scribblers Festival is a natural evolution of FORM's Creative Learning Program.
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