What is Scribblers Festival?

Scribblers Festival is an annual festival of literature and arts for young people, brought to life by cultural non-profit FORM with the support of our amazing Partners across Western Australia. With programming just for Schools, a free weekend for the whole Family, and mini-events throughout the year, Scribblers Festival invites young people and the young at heart to celebrate the magic of storytelling.

The Festival brings together authors, illustrators and other storytellers from Perth, across Australia, and around the world to empower and engage young readers through interactive sessions and workshops. In the lead up to the Festival, over 15,000 feather-shaped bookmarks are scattered throughout public libraries across Western Australia, with five rare Golden Feathers waiting to be found by lucky young readers as part of the annual Golden Feather Hunt.

We encourage young writers to put their ideas on to paper for a chance to win a The Golden Pen Writing Award, and let teens take the mic to create podcasts that are broadcast around the world from our very own Conversation Caravan.  

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When is the Festival?

Schools Program
13 - 16 Sept 2022


17 - 18 Sept 2022

Why Was SCRIBBLERS Created?

We developed it as a public celebration of  FORM’s Creative Learning program. Our primary objective is to instill the importance of books and creativity in children’s lives, as tools to help them thrive in, understand, and communicate with the world around them.

How Was Scribblers Brought to Life?

Scribblers Festival is an initiative of FORM: Building a State of Creativity, and it couldn’t exist without the help of our many valued partners, providing funding, venues, time, effort, and people power. A million thanks to those below and the incredible educators, parents, creatives, and private donors for supporting the power of creativity!
Principal Partners
Major Partners
Supporting Partners
Volunteer at Scribblers Festival

Volunteer With Us

Scribblers Festival is run by a small, passionate team and we always appreciate a helping hand. The Festival needs you to help spread the magic of storytelling. We’re on the lookout for Volunteers for the 2022 Festival offerings. It’s a great opportunity to gain work experience on a major event, connect with fellow creatives, and perhaps even meet a favourite author or artist!
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All Festival venues are wheelchair accessible

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