2023 Creative Stars

2023 has already had some amazing authors and illustrators as part of our Creative Stars!

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Amber Moffat

Amber is an author, illustrator and poet originally from Aotearoa, New Zealand. She loves using the natural world as a starting point for imagining wild and wonderful things. Her picture book, I Would Dangle the Moon, ponders the possibilities of plucking the moon from the sky, and she hopes that she really will get to taste moon ice cream one day!

Verity Page

Verity is an artist living in and working on Kariyarra country in Port Hedland. She has been creating art from a young age, making countless scrapbooks brimming with drawings and watercolours. Verity is currently exploring portraiture in her practice and enjoys abstracting physical features with colour and values to create a distinctive likeness of the subject.

Lauren Greatorex

Western Australian-born Lauren Greatorex is a proud Malgana, Nyikina and Jabirr Jabirr woman. Lauren is a young creative and currently resides on Kariyarra Country in Port Hedland. Lauren’s cultural connection to country and family is a significant influence for her art. Lauren draws her passion from her salt water and fresh water connections through Country and has a focus on storytelling, education and creating a cultural learning experience through her art.

Elise Batchelor

You might have heard Elise’s voice on ABC radio as the ‘Pilbara Poet’, read one of her articles in the local paper, spied her on stage as an MC or perhaps met her as your child’s teacher. Passionate about performing, writing and teaching, Elise loves laughter & connection and puts her hand up for every interesting opportunity that comes her way.

Steve Heron

Unfortunately Steve is unable to make the trip to the Pilbara in person, but make sure to check out his books in the official event Book Shop.

Steve’s four decades focusing on children’s well-being has resulted in lots of important conversations, an Order of Australia Medal, and many award-winning books.


Stig Wemyss

If you listen to kids’ audio books, chances are you’ll already be familiar with Stig’s voice, because he’s made recordings for just about every famous Australian author! Stig’s also created his own audio book series The Tripp Diaries, in which an intrepid family goes on the road and tracks down some koala snatchers.

Sher Rill Ng

Sher Rill is the Woi-Wurring/ Melbourne-based author and illustrator of Our Little Inventor, about Nell, a young girl who creates a machine to fix the pollution that is choking the big city. Sher Rill was inspired as a nine-year-old by a classmate’s drawings. She acquired a “How to draw” book and became one of the best things ever: “that-kid-inclass- who-draws.”


Sophia Alone

Sophia is a proud Ngarla woman and an incredible portrait painter, recently winning the State’s top portraiture prize for her work. She was born in Hedland in 1985, her ancestors are Makanykarra, and her family is from the De Grey area 80km north-east of Hedland. Sophia took up painting at Spinifex Hill Studio in 2020.

Artist Profile

Ruby Djikarra Alderton

Ruby is a Yolngu woman and artist from Yirrkala in North East Arnhem Land, who works at Spinifex Hill Studio. Ruby uses traditional and non-traditional mediums in her art, which is strongly influenced by her Yolngu heritage. She often paints the Rirratjingu designs of her mother’s clan, sharing the designs and stories that she has inherited.

Artist Profile

Olive Joseph

When Geraldton-born Olive was a baby, her mother brought her to live in Hedland. And she’s never left, having made a strong connection to the community and the region. An artist at Spinifex Hill Studio, Olive’s paintings often feature the beautiful Pilbara wildflowers. Olive has Noongar/Yamatji and Martu/ Wongi heritage.

Artist Profile

Lev Grossman

Thrilling fantasy worlds, talking animals, and enchanted steam trains! It’s all in a day’s work for Lev, who is the bestselling author of the Magicians trilogy, The Silver Arrow and The Golden Swift. In his previous life as a journalist, Lev met and interviewed J.K. Rowling. He lives in Brooklyn NYC and is an identical twin.


Layne Dhu-Dickie

What would we do without superhero Captain Hedland, who defends the town from the evil of Crave, The Fisherman and The Bush Mechanic? The Captain Hedland comic book series is the creation of Banjiyima artist Layne, who was born in Hedland and is a Studio Assistant at Spinifex Hill Studio as well as one of its youngest artists.

Artist Profile

Julie Arif

Julie has lived in Hedland for half as long as the town has existed, so there’s not much she doesn’t know about the town! She’s written a series of children’s and history books about Hedland, including her latest, Santa Visits Port Hedland.

Rekeshia Goodwin

Rekeshia was born in Port Hedland and raised in Nullagine and Hedland. She has Thiin Mah heritage from her grandmother’s side, and Ngoonooru Wadjari heritage from her grandfather’s side. At an early age she was keen to paint, carry on the family name and share her family’s passion for painting and sharing stories. Rekeshia works and paints at Spinifex Hill Studio.

Artist Profile

Briony Stewart

Ever been unable to get to sleep because there’s a dragon outside your bedroom window? Or know a dog who thinks he’s the boss? Briony’s award-winning stories include the Kumiko and the Dragon series and We Love You Magoo. Briony loves live drawing challenges, daydreaming and discussing dragons, bunnies and how to tame lions.


Kristin Connolly

Kristin has been using stories to understand the world around and within her for as long as she can remember. This has led her around the world - as a graphic designer in St. Louis, a Travel Director through South Africa, a travel photographer in Eastern Europe, as an Art & Creative Director in Chicago, a volunteer English teacher in Peru, a freelance Creative Director in Denver, and eventually landing in sunny Perth.


Sally Bower

Sally Bower is a visual ar tist based in Walyalup/Fremantle, Western Australia. Known for her versatile design and art practice that champions creatures, objects of everyday utility and the romance of physical recreation.

Working as an artist and designer for 10 years. Her practice began in fashion and textiles, followed by a journey through styling, art direction and visual arts.


Amanda Kendle

Amanda Kendle is a podcaster and travel writer with a bent for finding out the stories nobody's heard yet. She has hosted and published The Thoughtful Travel Podcast since 2016 and works with kids, teens and adults to help them learn about podcasting via the Creative Schools program and at Murdoch University.


Claire Davenhall

Claire Davenhall is an International Artist who graduated from Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art Sculpture, and studied at both North Karelia Polytechnic in Finland and Athens School of Fine Art. She exhibits her work in beautiful locations such as Sculpture by the Sea, Swell Sculpture Festival, Castaways and Brighton Jetty Sculptures.



French artist Tankateo studied Fine Art and Design, working as a graphic designer until 2010. After traveling, Tankateo based herself in Perth, where she has refined her drawing skills and turned her hand to quirky portraits and murals. She is always looking for collaborations with local creatives and has a particular passion for street art and working with young people.


Carrissa Wu

Carrissa Wu is an artist and entrepreneur from Singapore based in Walyalup (Fremantle). During COVID she was stood down from her job and started making paper flowers from home. Now she runs her business Jotterbook Flowers, hosting paper flower-making workshops and creating Giant Paper Flowers. Carrissa's work has been seen in House & Garden UK, frankie and Sunday Times Magazine.


Kaitlyn Elsegood

Kaitlyn Elsegood is an independent artist based in Hami Heights. Her practice is currently focused on national identity, exploring division within communities and pursuing opportunities to expand her skills in creating art. Kaitlyn currently works with FORM's Creative Schools Program and as a Creative Producer at the City of Melville, having previously worked with various local councils and arts organisations.


Joel Evans

Joel is a spoken word poet and creative producer who graduated from Deakin University with a Degree in Contemporary Arts, and worked as a freelance actor for a number of years, before returning to study to complete a Masters of Education. They’ve worked as a Teaching Artist, Assistant Product, Education Assistant, Outreach Coordinator and Senior Performing Arts Programmer, for various arts organisations including Bunjil Place, Western Edge Youth Arts, and the Malthouse Theatre.

Perun Bonser

Perun Bonser is a Ngarluma filmmaker with over a decade of writing and directing experience. Perun has written and directed several short films including the horror anthology ‘Dark Place – The Shore’ (ABC), as well as ‘Blight’ (ABC), ‘Fighter’ (NITV), and ‘Shadows of Displacement’ (NITV). In 2022, Perun was selected as AIDC's inaugural recipient of the Indigenous Documentary Placement at the ABC in Sydney. Perun is currently Series Director, Story Producer and Co-Writer of ‘Our Law’ - Season 1 & 2, which is currently streaming on SBS On Demand.

Sukhjit Kaur Khalsa

Sukhjit is a creative producer with a background in performing & writing. Her work as a multi-form artist for the last ten years has been recognised at the Performing Arts WA Awards (2020), Mona Brand Writing Awards (2022), Young Australian of the Year (2022), and WA Multicultural Awards (2022). Her passion for storytelling began as a finalist in the Australian Poetry Slam (2014), semi-finalist on Australia’s Got Talent (2016) and winner of The Moth GrandSLAM (2019). Sukhjit released her debut hip hop single, COLLECTABLES, earlier this year.