Golden Feather Hunt

**PLEASE NOTE: Given the state government’s low capacity restrictions this week, we have asked participating Golden Feather Hunt libraries to put a hold on the competition momentarily. Our plan is to re-commence the treasure hunt as soon as possible and extend it to 28 May 2021, to accommodate our new Family Weekend and Schools Program dates.**

Scribblers Festival celebrates creativity, literacy and the special place that local libraries hold in the hearts of children and parents. With the help of our librarian superheroes, we have hidden over 25,000 feather bookmarks in children’s and young adult books across Western Australia. Feather finders won a variety of prizes, but most of all, fuelled their love of reading and libraries.

Our 2021 Golden Feather Hunt has officially begun! Running through to 7 May 2021, see if your local library is participating below. Will you be the lucky finder of one of the following feathers?

  • 15,000 White Feathers ready for decorating and the chance to win a Spot Prize;
  • 20 Silver Feathers fetching a Book Prize;
  • 5 Golden Feathers winning a VIP Scribblers Festival experience, an iPad, and more;
  • And a special Sapphire Feather to be found at each and every participating library for a Book Prize!  
Prizes And What To Do if You Find A Feather

If you find a rare Gold or Silver Feather then you are in for a treat!

A golden feather
Finders of Gold Feathers will win:

An iPad
A VIP Pass to the 2019 Scribblers Festival
A Book Pack

Finders of Silver Feathers will win:

A signed book
What to do if you find a feather?

First tell your librarian that you have found a Gold or Silver Feather.

To claim your prize your parent/guardian needs to contact us on and let us know which feather you have found and the library you found it at. We would love it if you shared a photo of you and your feather on social media.

Terms & Conditions


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