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Scribblers Festival is an annual festival of literature and arts for young people. We believe in the power of books and creativity as tools to help kids and teens better understand the world they live in and the worlds within them. That’s why, each May, we bring together a cast of authors and illustrators from around Australia and the world to tell their tales and reveal what goes in to creating them.  As you may have expected or seen on social media, we won’t be presenting a Schools or Family Program in the way we had planned this 6-10 May. While the decision was made for us with the government’s directives to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we strongly believe it’s the least we could do with respect to the health and wellbeing of our visiting creatives, volunteers, staff, attendees and of course, our broader communities.

During this challenging time, the Scribblers staff are committed to use the power of creativity to celebrate the magic of storytelling in familiar and new ways. While we have made the decision to postpone our Golden Feather Hunt until further notice, we are extending the deadline for The Golden Pen Writing Award to 10 May. With the theme of Planet Earth, it’s a great opportunity for young people to observe and process what’s happening as the world around them grapples with change. Please sign up to receive our emails below and visit us @scribblersfest on  Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, where we plan to keep bringing as much Scribblers inspiration as we can manage to your homes. We’ll also be sharing ways you can support our fantastic authors, illustrators and bookshops for those who are able, acknowledging that the cancellation of the Festival is a hardship for so many.

While we are heartbroken to not be able to share with you a program that we have poured so much passion in to, we remain optimistic for what lies ahead. For within chaos lies opportunity, and to find it we must rely on creativity and shared humanity. We look forward to seeing you at Scribblers Festival 2021.

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We launched our inaugural Scribblers Festival in May 2018 to nearly 10,000 wide-eyed kids, parents, and teachers. Learn more about who we are, why we're here, and how we celebrate the magic of storytelling.

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Andy Griffiths
Listen to  Andy Griffiths chat to our teen podcaster Gabe Kaye about robotic battles, inspirational pets and the power of the 'butt' joke. Want to be a Teen Podcaster at Scribblers Festival 2020? Click here!


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