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Welcome to the Scribblers Festival Teachers’ Lounge - your go-to resource to bring the creativity, inspiration, and magic of Scribblers Festival into your classroom.

Designed to complement the Scribblers Festival Schools Program, you can download educational resources specific to your year group below, along with additional resources provided by participating publishers. Be sure to check out our other great classroom tools - Scribblers Podcasts and past Festival sessions!

2021 teacher Resources

Download the PDF pack according to your year group to use in your classroom.


How can I get my students involved?

• Plan a class excursion to Scribblers Festival 2021 Schools Program for 24 May-1 June 2021!

• Book your free, self-guided class tour to RELICS: Bricks of the New World on now at The Goods Shed in Claremont. Every student receives a free, STEAM based Workbook!

• Introduce Scribblers authors to your class by reading excerpts or researching their work.

• Incorporate Scribblers podcasts and blogs into lessons.

• Take part in The Golden Pen Writing Award.

We are a regional Western Australia school – how can we take part?

• Check out our past Festival Sessions, Podcasts and Blog for classroom inspirations and incorporate those into lessons.

• Encourage your students to take part in The Golden Pen Writing Award. The 2021 theme will be announced in October with the official launch of the competition.

• Visit your local library and encourage them to take part in the 2021 Golden Feather Hunt.

Why is attending Scribblers Festival worthwhile?

The Scribblers Schools program has many benefits. Here are just a few:

• Celebrate the art of storytelling and spark a joy of reading in young children.

• Encourage older children to persist with their reading and to consider books over social media and gaming. Regular reading promotes empathy and deepens knowledge by introducing students to inspirational characters and important social issues.

• A Scribblers’ school excursion is a memorable experience for children of all ages and backgrounds.

• Good pedagogy: encourage better classroom engagement. Students can relate to their reading material more readily if they meet the author/illustrator in person. Strong literacy skills are central to the educational curriculum. Introducing students to creative professionals who have successful careers as authors and illustrators, is a wonderful way to inspire your students to focus on literacy.

• Fun and rewarding day out! Give students the chance to meet their favourite authors and have a ‘happy fan’ moment!


In the hustle and bustle of festivals and excursions it can be hard to capture comments and feedback from our audiences. We really appreciate your input so please pass on your thoughts at hello@scribblersfestival.com.au.

One of our favourite comments:

“My most memorable moment was watching a shy, rather reclusive student come alive before my very eyes as she watched and then listened and then even verbally engaged with her peers about the ‘magic’ that Chris Riddell performed in front of her. She has a troubled past of self-harm and extreme anxiety and is often seen just in her corner with her earphones in her ears. She just loved the experience so much. SHE WAS ALIVE!! She had things to tell me, she was inspired!! She told me she knows now what she wants to do when she leaves school – illustrate for authors. It was like a lightbulb being switched on. Her face was radiant and smiling. I couldn’t help looking for her in the crowd because it was such a different look for her. I was so pleased to see her switched on.”

(Secondary English Teacher, Scribblers 2018)