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A Week of Bookishness

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Peter Carnavas is a much loved children’s author and has been writing and illustrating books since his first picture book Jessica’s Box came out in 2008. The artwork from his celebrated title The Children Who Loved Books featured on the first story seat launched by the Sunshine Coast Council Libraries’ in Russell Family Park at Montville. This colourful purpose built seat celebrates the magic of storytelling and invites families to come together to read and play.

When Peter is not working away on his next book he is a teacher-librarian sharing the wonder of stories with his students.

He joins us from the Sunshine Coast where he lives with his wife, two daughters and a scruffy dog (that occasionally escapes) to talk all things CBCA Book Week 2020.

What does this year’s CBCA Book Week theme Curious Creatures,Wild Minds mean to you?

The theme describes both children’s book creators and their readers. It takes a curious creature to spend their hours crafting a story with words and pictures, and the stories hopefully open up the wild corners of children’s imaginations.

Name your favourite curious creature – either one you’ve created or read about. What do you love about them?

I have a soft spot for Bunny Brad, from My Dead Bunny, dreamed up by Sigi Cohen and James Foley.  I love how hideous and hilarious Brad is at the same time.

How will you be celebrating CBCA Book Week this October?

I’ll be dropping in to a few schools to read stories and draw pictures, then sharing some of the shortlisted books with students in my other life as a teacher-librarian. A week overflowing with bookishness.

We had a chat with Peter to learn a little more about him!

Describe yourself in a sentence.

Peter Carnavas occasionally looks wise and thoughtful but he’s really just trying to remember where he put his pencil, or singing ad jingles in his head.


What do you love most about writing for children? 

I love fashioning big ideas into stories that can be enjoyed by any age, forchildren’s stories can cut across generations.

2020 has been a year of much change and uncertainty – can you tell us a bit about what the year has held for you in terms of your creativity and work?

I wrote a novel during lockdown, one that I’ve been thinking about for years. Then I gave it to my editor and wrote it again. And again. It’s finally looking pretty good. It’s called My Brother Ben, and it’s about brothers and birds, two of my favourite things.  To be released in 2021 through UQP.

To find out about Peter’s picture books and novels visit his website or Facebook!