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Book Week Q&A with Kylie Howarth

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What does Book Week mean to you?

Book Week means seeing lots and lots of smiley faces! I love sharing my book-making process,drawing and creating with kids and even testing new story ideas. This year Ihave a sneak peek of two cover design options for my brand new chapter book series, Fish Kid. The books I make are just for kids, so why not let them choose the cover.

Who was your favourite book character as a child?

Definitely Clifford, the big red dog.

Who is your favourite character that you’ve written?

Oh it's almost too hard to choose! I love the two kids in 1, 2, Pirate Stew as they are based on my boys. But Chip is super cheeky and loved by so many kids…  he is also soon to star in a second Chip book, due out at the end of this year!

How will you be celebrating Book Week?

I'll be celebrating with thousands of kids, every school day for the next two weeks.  

That sounds like anexciting two weeks! Want to get to stay up to date with Kylie's literaryadventures? Follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram