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Travel Tonics from the Book Doctor

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A change is almost as good as a holiday but when it comes to school, every kid (and teacher) knows that escaping the classroom is a true tonic.

This time of year brings lots of possibilities for outdoor adventures whether it be camping in the bush, beach-scavenging, jumping off the jetty or climbing trees. Even star-gazing in the backyard or swinging in a hammock can provide plenty of imaginative escape.

There are so many fantastic books that celebrate the spirit of adventure and the exploration of the great outdoors. Our top Book Doctor recommendation for the holidays is to turn off the screens and turn some pages instead! Don’t forget to pack some good, old-fashioned books to read on long car trips. They won’t run out of battery, are easy to carry and are surprisingly resilient to sand and dirt!

 Here’s a quick list of some great Aussie tales that will inspire outdoor adventure over the holidays.


Island Essentials

Dive into the pages of these books for younger readers and be carried away by the sea.

To the Lighthouse – Cristy Burne

Magic Beach – Alison Lester

The Deep  - Tim Winton


Hiking in the Bush

From much-loved classics to new adventures, these books open readers’ eyes to the wonders of the Australian bush.

The Complete Adventures of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie – May Gibbs

Possum Magic –Mem Fox

Off the Beaten Track– Cristy Burne


Road Trip

Anyone planning a long car journey will appreciate these great picture books.

Are we there yet?  - Alison Lester

Road Trip – Danny Parker


Some Country Air & Starry Nights

These classics give younger readers a gentle insight into country life.

My Farm – Alison Lester

Diary of a Wombat– Jackie French

Two Summers - John Heffernan and Freya Blackwood


Tales as Old as Time

Explore the depth and richness of indigenous stories.

The Rainbow Serpent – Dick Roughsey

Wombat, Mudlark and Other Stories - Helen Milroy

Black Cockatoo - Carl Merrison


Older Readers

Lazy mornings allow for space and time to delve into a good book. These titles all have a wonderful sense of place.

Jasper Jones – Craig Silvey

Storm Boy – Colin Thiele

Catch a Falling Star- Meg McKinlay


 Don’t forget to tune in to Scribblers Podcasts between chapters for more creative inspiration during your holidays! Easy to download and fun to listening for those long road trips.