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Teen Podcaster Interviews with Scribblers Stars

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Need a little light-hearted listening with a dash of inspiration thrown in?

Take some time out to listen to our Scribblers podcast interviews recorded over our Festival weekend in May. Podcasts are currently enjoying immense popularity as more and more listeners tune in to hear stories, discover documentaries and follow addictive series.

Our most recent podcast features none other than superstar children’s author Andy Griffiths who caught up with teen podcaster Gabe after our special Scribblers schools event for 1,200 students to celebrate the launch of the 117 Storey Treehouse. Andy and Gabe swapped ideas about robot battles; runaway bums and outrageous ways to make people laugh. 

The 2019 Scribblers Festival podcast series includes interviews with hugely popular children’s authors such as Matt Stanton, Kate & Jol Temple, Megan MacDonald and Philip Ardagh. The series also features YA fiction bestsellers, Lynette Noni, Dhonielle Clayton, Jeremy Lachlan and Maths whiz, Eddie Woo.

All of the interviews were recorded and led by our intrepid team of teen podcasters who quizzed their guests with lots of quirky questions as part of the Conversation Caravan program. The resulting interviews are fun, upbeat and insightful. Perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about the creative process from inspiring authors.

So when’s the best time to listen? Thanks to the wizardry of technology, podcasts can be accessed almost anywhere at anytime. Why not download a few to liven up car journeys to and from school. Give the radio a break and treat the kids to some easy listening that might just inspire them too.

Our podcasts also make great company for afternoon tea, or while chopping the veggies for dinner or even for those times that the kids offer to do the ironing!

You might like to let the kids scribble and doodle as they listen and wind down after a busy day – it’s all for fun and active listening is a wonderful way to encourage them to picture scenarios in their minds’ eye. Just like reading aloud, listening to podcasts allows children to develop their own imagination and absorb a story without the distraction of visuals.  

So pop on the kettle, turn off the screen and spend some listening time in great Scribblers company.

Here’s a taste of what you can expect:

Start listening to the podcasts here

Congratulations to all our wonderful podcasters who grilled, quizzed and bemused our guest authors & illustrators. Their hard work and enthusiasm has resulted in some great interviews. Applications for the Scribblers Festival 2020 Conversation Caravan podcasting program open in October 2019. Successful applicants will be invited to take part in a workshop series to learn interview & recording skills in the lead up to the Festival. They will then take over the Conversation Caravan to interview guest authors and illustrators during the Festival weekend in May 2020. Join our mailing list to stay in the loop.