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A Love Letter to Bookshops

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Dear Beloved Bookshops,

In the world of e-commerce, we are often tempted by the convenience of finding a book title we want with a single search bar, paying for it with an easy click or tap, and having it arrive straight to our doorstep with the blink of an eye. It's only then that we remember this is a short-lived thrill, and that you are where our true love lies.

There are few better moments than strolling your way on a beautiful day, being greeted with the smell of wooden shelves and printed paper, our eyes tantalized by the rainbow of colourful covers, all made complete with a friendly and familiar welcome. The cheap convenience of "one click" doesn't come close to replacing the weight of a book in our hands, our fingers dancing across the clever printing and binding techniques that hold it all together, or flipping through the pages to skim snippets of story that  determine whether or not the treasure will be ours to take home. We'd be lost without the lovingly handwritten "staff picks" or thoughtful displays curated meticulously for our community, a current event, or a niche topic we need to become an expert on immediately.

In honour of Love Your Bookshop Day today, 3 October, we want to declare our love for you, dear bookshops, for all to hear!

We cannot thank the bookshops listed below enough, for generously agreeing to support young Scribblers in their love of reading, by offering 10% off of their purchase when they present a Scribblers Festival Reader's Card. You can get yours for FREE inside our Fuelling Creativity Workbook, while supplies last. Order yours by clicking here, and after you receive it, be sure to activate your Reader's Card here!

Reader's Card Participating Bookshops

Boffins Books
Beaufort Street Books
Child Education Services
Collins Booksellers Cottesloe
Crow Books
Dymocks Claremont
Dymocks Subiaco
Millpoint Caffe Bookshop
New Edition Bookshop
Paper Bird
Planet Books Mount Lawley
Planet Books Northbridge
Rabble Books & Games
Subiaco Bookshop
The Lane Bookshop

Thank you bookshops for providing sanctuary in our ever-changing world, to craft our own stories and connect with our literary loves!


Scribblers Festival