Give the Gift of Creativity!

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It’s that time of year again, and rather than give gifts that are sure to get dusty on a bottom shelf or end up in the bin by next year, why not give a gift that can last a lifetime – the gift of creativity! All kids, and humans in fact, contain this special tool that opens up worlds of possibility no matter their age, their current interest, or the state of the world. But sometimes creative practices get lost amidst the noise, busyness, and demands of a modern family's daily lives. Read below for our top 5 gift ideas that spark creativity long past the holiday season!

  1. Special Notebook & Pens/Pencils

    Having very special materials (beyond what they might get for school) can be a great motivator to starting a creative project – it makes kids feel like a pro already! Never underestimate the power of a beautiful blank notebook and a special pen or set of coloured pencils. Check out your local stationery or book shop for unique takes on these classic items, and get creative yourself with how you package them up. You never know, you might be inspiring the next winner of The Golden Pen Writing Award with tools to craft their story masterpiece, or unlock the inner designer.

  1. Art Experience Voucher

    There are so many great artistic experiences for young people of all ages out there now – why not give the gift of trying a new craft or diving deeper into one they love? Keep your eyes peeled for pottery, painting, or comic drawing classes, and more that tie multiple mediums (theatre or dance classes anyone?) together giving young minds the chance to explore new favourites! Some of our Perth favourites are Milk-Tooth Children’s School of Art & Stories, Little Art Lab, and Palette Children’s Atelier.

  1. Hand-Picked Book Pack

    Assuming you know the age of your gift recipient and some of their general interests, ask your local book shop to curate a custom book pack for you! We know firsthand that these gals and guys are brimming with bookish knowledge that should be shared far and wide. Don’t forget to activate your Scribblers Reader’s Card if you have one for 10% off at participating book shops!

  1. Idea Box

    A great way to nurture lifelong creativity is through open-ended play and exploration - this applies to all ages! Think sustainably and give new purpose to materials around your house or find some treasures at secondhand shops. Grab a box of any sort and decorate it however you please (a great task to give your own kids if it’s not for them), titling it “Idea Box”. Add in anything that could be used as creative fodder: bits of ribbon, magazine clippings, interesting nature finds (make sure they are dry and bug-free), inspiring quotes, art supplies bought or found, fancy paper scraps, foldable tabletop easel, small blank canvases or notebooks, glue sticks or bottles, glitter tubes, etc. The recipient can add materials to their box making it an ever-giving idea machine!

  1. Quality Headphones

    Creative outlets bleed far beyond the tangible, especially for older kids who might be developing a love for music, game design, podcasts, or other multimedia arts. A nice pair of headphones can go a long way to fully immerse in these “higher” tech experiences (not to mention the practicality of having a spare pair at the ready). If you’re feeling tech-y you could even record a vocal greeting card from the whole family on your phone and send it as a sound byte to the recipient. If you’re giving to an audio junky, give them the extra gift of creativity by encouraging them to become a teen podcaster in our very own Conversation Caravan!